These wonderful people with profile, passion and influence are choosing to partner with Positive T shirts to spread the cause and the brand. Be inspired by their story and their reason why they are choosing Positive T Shirts.


Mel uses her lived experience with depression and the loss of her partner by suicide as a driving force in leading discussions and awareness for suicide prevention in Australia. She is degree qualified in psychology and holds certificates in phone counselling and mental health. Mel is also the CEO of her own events company and was a 2019 nominee for Young Australian of the Year and 2019 nominee for Channel 7’s Young Achievers Social Impact Award.

From local communities to sharing the international stage with Mark Wahlberg, Mel is an experienced keynote speaker and has featured at many public events for Beyond Blue, Lifeline, R U OK Day and more.


You are not alone! I love the message and values that the brand Positive T Shirts brings to our wider community. Suicide prevention and mental health awareness in Australia still has a long way to go, and it starts with us. Everyone has a story, and our life’s purpose is to share that story. A simple message on a t-shirt or hoodie can be the first step to opening up and starting a conversation with someone struggling.

We all need little reminders in our day that show us we are loved, valued and connected – let’s spread positive messages together and have more meaningful conversations. This is so much more than a t-shirt: I’d love to meet you all!

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 Paddy Colliar - @paddycolliar

Paddy is an all round good guy and Personal Trainer with a heart of gold and a passion for spreading awareness of mental health and the prevention of suicide. You may have seen him on TV as he has recently been on Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. He writes...

"Being a personal trainer I’m lucky enough to build relationships with all my clients. Everyone has a story, everyone has a past weather it’s good or bad. Through out my PT career I have met some amazing people, that not only have I had an influence on them, but they have had huge influences on me in more ways than you could ever imagine. 
I have had the privilege to help people that have low self confidence, suffer from anxiety and depression and unfortunately worst case scenario tried to self harm. The satisfaction of being able to reach out and lift someone from their deepest lows, to their highest highs, or even save a life is honestly like no other. 
This is such a huge problem in society and it really does effect everyone at some point in their lives, so that is why I have happily jumped on board as an ambassador with Positive T Shirts, where all profits go to preventing and raising awareness for youth suicide, which is a cause really close to my heart. 
Let’s make a big difference together!” 


Ashlee Good - Owner at KICK4LIFE & Club President at South Yarra Soccer Club. 

Curtis Good - Professional Footballer at Melbourne City FC. 

Travis Good - University Student at Monash University & part time employee at UNIQLO & South Yarra Soccer Club. 

The Good trio!

Hi, we are siblings Ashlee, Curtis & Travis Good. It’s our honour and privilege to be Ambassadors for Positive T Shirts, a business that supports youth suicide prevention. 

 A little bit about us…

We grew up in the most wonderful family environment filled with lots of laughter, positive energy, incredible opportunities and a lot of self belief instilled in us. Through our school and sporting ventures we were blessed to be surrounded by role models and leaders within our community. All three of us have gone on to work in environments where we get to inspire kids to be the best versions of themselves, whether that’s in an education setting, on the sporting field or through a charity or organisation. 

Why did we choose Positive T Shirts?

When we came across Positive T Shirts and the incredible energy Founder Neil brings to his business we knew we wanted to support in anyway we could. Ashlee loves spreading the message of hope and the importance of Talking Out Loud, whilst Curtis & Travis love their fashion. So, being involved in Positive T Shirts was a no brainer! We hope we can increase the exposure and spread the important message that this organisation conveys every single day. If we can change one life and help them see their future, then being ambassadors will have been the most worthwhile experience. We look forward to being involved for many more years to come! 

 Bradley Sewart

Bradley was born at 23 weeks and doctors said that he would never walk or talk but he proved them wrong. 

Bradley has competed in body building comps, he stands for what it means to be resilient. When asked why he chose to be a brand ambassador he said "I want people to stop killing themselves and I love what your brand is all about".


 Fruity Lex (AKA Luke Obrien)

He writes...

"I chose to be an ambassador for Positive T Shirts within a split second of meeting the Founder Neil and listening to his vision, for me mental illness has tried tirelessly to take my life yet I'm still here and want others to realise they can make it through and with this brand its one step closer.

my story is...

Through my experiences I realised how alone I felt and scared especially from a males perspective going through mental illness didn't feel real or something that males should experience, there came a point when through my music page (Fruity Lex) I started posting videos talking about mental illness and acknowledging some of my own battles, sharing these post and videos throughout community noticeboards and events I begun receiving messages from people reaching out and openly discussing mental illness. Gaining qualifications such as a dual diploma for mental health and alcohol and drugs bolstered my confidence and by doing so gave me the courage to attend university to study a masters in Social Work. Its been three years since i was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and to reflect on where I've come from i hope this gives anyone reading this strength and power to realise they can achieve great things even if they have a diagnoses.
today is not tomorrow and tomorrow is not today. Life can change for the best."