Social Impact

PSY an arm of In2Life are preventing Youth Suicide through monitoring posts of the Facebook Group 'Coming together to prevent youth suicide' which now has over 17,000 members around Australia. Positive T Shirts are proud to partner with this incredible organisation who are changing lives. Profits from EVERY product sold go towards In2Life.

 All profits go towards helping to fund:

  1. Training volunteers for the Facebook Group
  2. Developing school programs to educate todays youth on how to be first responders to their friends who say they are suicidal.

Read more about PSY here.

Connect with the Coming together to prevent youth suicide facebook group here.

Jay’s Post about the 'Coming together to prevent suicide Facebook Group':

"Amazing work guys. Thank you for starting this page. I’m a bit older than some of you – I’m 23. 18 months ago I attempted my life. I’m so, so, so incredibly lucky to be alive. My friends knew I was unwell & came together over Facebook, managed to create a search party & find me in time to save my life. I woke up a few days later in the ICU & I’m very lucky to have not sustained any kind of brain injury & to have survived. Friends can help each other; I’m living proof that Facebook, used for good, can save lives. But it’s also important that you all look out for each other. If one of your friends hurts themselves, it is not your fault. If a friend isn’t coping & you can’t deal with it, you can call a police welfare check on them, you can call an ambulance and have them taken to hospital or you can call your local mental health crisis team/acute care team (google your area & “mental health acute care team” & you will be able to find the number). I’m glad I survived, but it took a long time for me to feel that way. If you’re feeling suicidal, hold on, reach out. Those feelings do pass & it does get better."